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Argox PA-100/110

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Aiming at harsh and demanding application environment, the PA-100 series is designed to face and handle drops and bumps happened everywhere in mobile applications. For tasks out in the rain or dusty field, IP65 sealing design makes PA-100 series safely completing the mission with consistent quality and performance.

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Throughout these years, Argox has invested great efforts and resources to understand your business, your daily needs at work, and your resources available to improve the efficiency and upgrade your mobile tasks. To leverage the great market achievement made by our PA-60 series, Argox has integrated various application demands, hardware system flexibilities, and human factor considerations to come up with the new PA-100 series. As the milestone marked the serious commitments Argox made to stand behind all of our mobile computer lines, PA-100 series has also been recognized as the flagship of Argox mobile computers. Introducing not only the contemporary system architecture, superior performance and firm reliability make PA-100 series a new option to the field mobile applications world. With PA-100 series, you will never have any surprise but only need to expect what you should have to come. More processing power and intelligence have driven PA-100 series on the data communication freeway. Lighter and comfortable in user’s palm, PA-100 series tightly link your work force in the field with your headquarter office. Various accessories have given the final touch to the new PA-100 series, from a moving vehicle to the working bench, and make it a perfect partner to your workforce.


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