story behind computer labelling system ltd.

In 1991 Michael Scicluna opened up a coffee shop in St Paul’s Bay, “The Village Café”. This was very successful and had built a good clientele with both tourists and locals. The setting was plain and simple, clean and not crowded. Most of the food preparation was home made. Making it very popular. Perhaps the only catering establishment in  Malta not serving french fries at all, but rather baked jacket potatoes with a variety of fillings, served in mouth watering dishes.

The company then ventured into pre packing fresh bakes and distributing to various outlets. This proved to be very popular and an eventual success.

For this operation, packaging and labelling was required. It was here that Mr. Scicluna embarked on some ideas that were already being adopted abroad, perfect in presenting the product in a much more professional way.

Most importantly the Label, because it projected all the necessary information of the product.

Mr. Scicluna managed to set eyes on a Computer Labelling System at Hotel Olympia in London in 1992 and pursued to get the system going for his goods, since the Labelling Act came into force in Malta that year,

This labelling business became more of a requirement than the coffee shop, so it was decided to improve on marketing the labelling products to the various customers and the rest…. “well its been over 25years now….

In the years that followed Computer Labelling Systems was established as the Pioneer and Leader in the Retail and Manufacturing Industry, for Labels, Label Printers, Price Markers, Data Collectors, Labelling Software, POS Solutions, EAS Systems and business consumables.

CLS is also proud to have worked and still works alongside some of the most successful I T Service Providers, who recommend CLS again and again for product quality and service.

Over the years Michaels’ children Nick & Lorna joined the family business and remain focused on the core of the company…. “customer care and satisfaction at all times.”

CLS also offers in house label printing, to suit the requirements of the end user within any industry.