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Argox AI-6800

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AI-6800 Series is the first rugged 1D linear scanner in Argox, with IP65 you can use it in severe environment like the Sahara desert or rain forests of Amazon with heavy humidity.

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Unlike the stand design and look of industrial barcode scanners, AI-6800 has more stylish and ergonomic design for function and aethetic.
AI-6800 Series is compatible to standard 1D linear barcode, it also remove any reflection interference from the LCD display. The stand unit can be placed on the flat surface or to wall mounted. Under Presentation-mode can also reduced the inconvenience whileyou are inthe retail or packageing. AI-6800 Series has high density resolution that can capture the code on 3mil barcode such as electronic label. To achieve more efficiency you want, the scan process is only in 0.0012seconds.


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