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BCP-8000 (Portable Data Terminal) is a battery-operated portable data collector with look-up function. Equipped with a high quality laser engine, the ergonomic-built data terminal offers its users with efficiency and comfort, and is ideal for long-time use.

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Its 1700mAh Lithium-ion battery guarantees at least 24 hours of operation time. In addition, BCP-8000 provides a user friendly job generator utility. You don’t need to applications by writing the program source code, ensuring that the once incomprehensible development process becomes distinct and effortless.

.Ergonomic design ideal for long-time operation
.High quality laser engine to ensure accurate barcode reading
.Ideal for Inventory, Stocktaking
.Vivid LCD Display with clear blue backlight
.Integrated Recharge/Communication Cradle (USB or RS-232 available)
.Convenient Job Generator Utility for Task and Data Management
.Long-time Battery Capacity (1700 mAh)
.Look-up function provides on-site stock checking, updating and editing
.Data Loss Prevention through Auxiliary battery for SRAM


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