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Towa Dispenser 30/60mm

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The Towa Dispenser 30/60mm is a comfortable label applicator for preprinted labels. The maximum width of the labels is 60 mm. No feeding holes, or eye-marks (black-marks) required on the release liner. No mechanical adjustment needed to switch between labels. The Mech-Sensor detects a height of the label from 18mm up to 60mm without any adjustment.

Download Specifications

  • No slot or slit in label backing required
  • Supports labels 20mm to 60mm thick without adjustments
  • Wound-in Labels Recommended
  • Some synthetic papers are not supported
  • Available optional 3″ label core adapter
  • Use only die-cut labels.
  • Cotton-swab with ALCOHOL for wiping adhesive from Mech-Sensor.


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